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Bark Mulch

Bulk mulch sold by the cubic yard - 3 yard minimum for free delivery*


100% natural Hemlock
reddishbrown color

Black Organic

A blend of softwood bark aged 25 - 30 years
very dark in color

How much do I need?

How many square feet is your flower bed?

Measure length and width.

What depth do you want the mulch to be? 

Lengthwidth depth
Cubic Yards

*There is a delivery charge for less than 3 yards. Pick available.
Gardening tips from the Helpful Gardener


100% natural Cedar bark
golden brown in color

Dark mulch

a blend of pine, spruce and fir bark
dark brown in color
Mulch is also sold by the bag
Cocoa Shells
Buckwheat Hulls
Pine Bark
Natural Cedar
Red Cedar

Play Ground Chips

100% soft wood chips
meets all specifications for playground use